The following videos were constructed as a result of conversations with residents. We put together 6 themes with corresponding activities. Feel free to make some of these decorations yourself to decorate your own homes. Templates are supplied with the videos. Every video has a story.


Paper Chains

After conversations with residents, we wanted to come up with a task that represented some of these stories. One of these was with Dorothy Pullin who spoke about making her own paper chains with her sisters. Here you hear her story and can learn how to make your own.


Flame Poems

After speaking with Carol Humphrey we were inspired by the poem written by her mum Mrs Brown as an introduction to her short book. When speaking to residents we established that the fireplace was central to the home, a place of entertainment as well as warmth. From this the task we created was to create your own fire poems.


House Types

When we spoke to Rita Barnett we loved the story about the little cardboard houses she received. Relating this back to Hillfields architecture we came up with our own house nets to create the treasure chest decorations.



Ken Pearce spoke about the gas lamps in Hillfields which were turned on and off by a man on a bike. From this we made a 3D template of a lantern as well as a 2D template. The 3D templates can have an electric tealight inside which lights them up. These are good window decorations.


Christmas Menus

A big part of the festive period is food. Every resident we spoke to spoke about the importance of the food they ate. Some of these stories are features in the video. From this we created an activity to create your own meal with the rations list.



Inspired by a letter written by Robert Burford we looked at the winter of 1947 and came up with a task to write your own letters to whoever you want in regards to what your Christmases are like now and what they may be like in the future.